Post War

Post War

In June 1919 the 231st Brigade ceased to exist. It was reformed in 1920 as part of the Defence Force.

In 1922 the Territorial Army was re-formed and the Brigade became the 61st Howitzer Brigade RFA commanded by Lt-Col C.R. Morris-Eyton MC based in Shelton, Stoke once more. “C” Battery became the 243rd Leek Battery commanded by Major Falkner Nicholson and many of the 1914-1918 veterans rejoined.

The 18 pounders were replaced by 4.5″ Howitzers and 1932 saw the end of the horses. The Brigade became fully mechanised.

The Battery held reunions between 1920 to 1986 “to the last man” (as was the request of J E Bloor to his son John after his death). In 1976 they got “sponsorship” from Charlie Chester and the Grand Order of Water Rats, with many celebrities coming to their reunions including Henry Cooper and Sir Stanley Matthews.

Battery Reunion – Circa 1960 – Lt Col Falkner Nicholson is seated 4th from Left, Jack Bloor is stood behind him

The Royal School of Artillery used to send an 18 pound WW1 field gun and the mess silver to be the centerpiece of the reunions and the gun was kept at the RSA at Larkhill and was adorned with a plaque “The Old Leek Gun”.

The Nicholson War Memorial stands tribute to Basil and the rest of the Battery’s fallen as well as all the others from Leek who died and is a permanent reminder of where the Battery served from the names carved around the top of the memorial.

And there the story ends………