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“I now leave it in your care and keeping, and in that of the public of Leek, in the earnest hope and faith that it will be cherished and prized for all time “- Sir Arthur Nicholson, 20th August 1925

These men who serve, sailors and soldiers brave; who nobly risk their lives to save; the honour of their Country and win peace; to them our gratitude must never cease.

The grandest thing that ever Leek possessed; the names of those, her bravest and her best; in this our “Roll of Honour” we hand down; to be the glory of our Moorland Town.

And those dear lads who will not come again; who nobly fighting – fell among the slain; O’er whose loved names fall many a silent tear; with reverence and with pride we place them here.

Harriet Smith, Leek, 1915

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This website has been created by the Friends of the Nicholson War Memorial, a group created to champion the memorial and to help obtain Grade 1 listed building status.

The memorial (known locally by Leekensians as “The Monument” or “Sir Arthur’s Wristwatch”) was built by Sir Arthur Nicholson to commemorate the death of his son Basil Lee and the fallen from the First World War. It was unveiled in 1925 four years before Sir Arthur’s death in 1929. It now stands tribute to the fallen of Leek and the surrounding area from both World Wars.

On the site you can find out more about The Memorial and also about The Fallen of Leek. Please browse around our Galleries, take a Virtual Tour or download our self-guide (PDF).

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The Friends of the Nicholson War Memorial

The Friends also arrange and promote the flying of flags on the anniversaries of certain key events from the world wars. Flags are flown, and wreaths laid by the Royal British Legion on the memorial to mark the following days:-

8th May – VE Day

1st July – Start of the Battle of the Somme

15th August – VJ Day

15th September – Battle of Britain Day (organised by the RAF Association)

24th October – Battle of El Alamein

11th November – Armistice Day

Remembrance Sunday (nearest to Armistice Day)