Battery Structure

A “Regular” RFA battery normally consisted of 6 guns, supported by 198 men at full strength. The Leek Battery consisted of 4 x 15 pound guns later replaced in 1916 with 6 x 18 pound guns (the Territorial Batteries all started the war with 4 guns, whereas the Regular Batteries had 6 guns). At the start of the war on mobilisation the Leek Battery strength was 148 men.

The Leek Battery lost several guns during the war due to enemy shelling of their positions, which were replaced. A field gun would also last for about 20,000 rounds based on a maximum of 4 rounds per minute.

The structure of the battery would normally comprise:-

1 Major or Captain as Commanding Officer,
1 Captain as Second-in-Command,
3 Lieutenants or Second-Lieutenants in charge of 2-gun sections,
1 Battery Sergeant-Major,
1 Battery Quartermaster Sergeant,
1 Farrier-Sergeant,
4 Shoeing Smiths (of which 1 would be a Corporal),
2 Saddlers,
2 Wheelers,
2 Trumpeters,
7 Sergeants,
7 Corporals,
11 Bombardiers,
75 Gunners,
70 Drivers
10 Gunners acting as Batmen to the Officers.