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  1. Albert was born in Leek in 1873 to father John, a joiner, and mother Margaret, a cane worker. The family lived at 34 Gladstone St. Albert had a sister Mary and a brother Sam. By the age of 18, Albert was living independently of his family, at 60 West St, where he lodged. He then worked as a girdle maker. At sometime over the next 10 years, he joined the navy. Possibly as a marine (there are photos, but I’m rubbish at identifying uniforms). At least, by 1901 he was living in Portsmouth, where he married a local girl Annie Maude Bishop, who was then 20 years old. Unlike poor Albert, whose life was cut short, Annie lived to the grand age of 86. They had two daughters: Gladys May, born 1904; and Lillian, born 1905. They moved around the country a bit, as a military/naval family would. But I don’t believe that they ever moved back to Leek. Albert was killed in 1917. I’m not sure how or where, but he is recorded as having died at a ‘naval hospital’. I think, though, that this must have been aboard a ship; for his death was registered as being at Yarmouth. Which is where all deaths/burials at sea are attributed to and registered to. Annie his wife seems to have later moved back to Portsmouth, where she died. Gladys moved to the US in 1923, where she died in 1978. I don’t know much about Lillian. But I do have a few more photos for you, which I shall attach. There’s another of Albert in uniform; one of him with his wife Annie; and one of the two daughters. Gladys is the one sitting.

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